5 Platform Theses


1. Class struggle is an inherent reality of capitalist society.

A. The ruling-class controls the means of production and dictates the conditions under which we labor. Our labor produces all the wealth of society yet the bosses enjoy the fruits of its accumulated value. Therefore, we are exploited of and alienated from our labor.

B. As workers we must organize ourselves along class lines in order to defend our interests economically, socially, and politically.

C. Workers are placed at the fundamental economic choke point of capitalism–the point of production. The  social power of the working class is rooted in our ability to stop capitalist production. This power can be utilized as a weapon against exploitation by the bosses.

2. The working-class must act collectively to overthrow capitalism and seize the means of production.

A. As workers we are oppressed and exploited by capitalism. We must liberate ourselves from this domination by any means necessary. The liberation of the working class can and must come through a social revolution to overthrow capitalism.

B. Our labor should collectively produce for the common well-being and human need and not for the profit of a few at the expense of many.

C. The organized forces of the bosses and the state are the primary obstacles to our collective liberation. We must therefore develop and deploy the means to confront them at the sharpest points of class struggle.

3. We are militant anti-fascists

A. The forces of reaction, racism, white supremacy, fascism, sexism, patriarchy, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia and ableism divide the working-class against itself, preventing us from cultivating the collective strength necessary for making revolution.

B. Fascism is the most potent form of capitalist violence. We will wage an aggressive and decisive campaign against any Fascist activity.

C. We will work in united fronts with groups opposed to Fascism and other reactionary threats to workers’ emancipation.

4. The liberation of the oppressed must be the act of the oppressed

A. Workers must be educated politically and given the tools of revolutionary praxis including self-defense skills.

B. Working-class people must develop relationships among neighbors in our communities in order to build solidarity with each other.

C. Organizing in neighborhoods and workplaces will empower working-class people to take their affairs into their own hands.

 5. Security and defense of the class

A. We will protect and defend the ability of groups of workers to demonstrate, organize, and engage in collective actions.

B. We support and perpetuate community self-defense; the necessity of the working-class to be as equipped to liberate ourselves as the bosses and the state are to oppress us.  

C. We will maintain an organization capable of carrying out a diversity of tactics. We will not engage in adventurous losing battles; instead, we will confront the class enemy with specific tactics determined by the relationship of forces and the degree to which our capacity allows.

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