6 Point Program

  • Welfare of the People

      1. We demand free universal healthcare.
      2. We demand safe and clean housing that is affordable to everyone within our community.
      3. We demand that nourishing food be accessible and affordable.
      4. We demand that everyone be supplied with a basic living income.
      5. We demand free childcare and universal pre-k  education for all working-class families.
  • Police

      1. We oppose the police. We demand community-based alternatives to cops, courts and jails.
      2. We assert that the police exert an unquestioned and unaccountable presence as shock troops for the mayor to gentrify our city.
      3. We oppose no-knock raids and the killing of our neighbors by the police.
      4. We oppose the racist war on drugs and the expansion of policing in Burlington.
      5. We demand the complete dismantling and disarming of the police and prison industrial complex. We want to live in a world without prisons or police.
  • Work/Unions

      1. We demand union rights for all workers.  Everyone with a job deserves the security of just cause, protection against arbitrary termination and discipline, a basic livable wage, and the power to collectively bargain for improved wages, hours, and working conditions.
      2. We demand compensation for domestic labor.  Domestic work serves society as much as, if not more than, work outside the home.  It must be respected and compensated accordingly.
      3. We oppose all Right-to-Work legislation, as well as any hindrance to workers’ right to organize.
  • Schools

      1. We recognize that existing schools train poor young people to be docile workers and to funnel poor young black and brown people into prisons. Rich young people are trained to take their parents’ places as the bosses of society.
      2. We demand high-quality education for everyone at every level.  Preschool, elementary, high school, vocational and university-level, and postgraduate education should be free.
      3. We demand public schools run by teachers, students, and staff that teach the working-class history of all people including histories of colonialism, imperialism and exploitation in this country and beyond.
      4. We demand resources and training committed to building skills and human capacities necessary for a society organized to meet human needs, not competition.
      5. We demand that all schools be fully and equitably funded.
      6. We oppose charter schools, vouchers, and any attempt to shift public resources into for-profit educational models.
  • Neighborhoods

    1. We advocate for parks and streets for youth, families and people of all backgrounds to feel safe and unthreatened.
    2. We commit to bringing community members and neighbors together to discuss shared issues.
    3. We support projects that represent a united front of working-class and poor people. We understand the importance of, and advocate for, the building of black and brown power and leadership.
    4. We support a model of neighborhood councils where working class and oppressed peoples come together to make decisions about how to solve problems and meet the needs of the people.  We support working class and oppressed peoples control over planning, development and administration of our neighborhoods.
    5. We advocate for community stewards that will function as a network of immediate response and defense when neighborhood residents feel threatened or under attack.
    6. We oppose gentrification.
  • Anti-Racism   

    1. We recognize that Vermont is one of the whitest states in the country, and that racism thrives here. Vermont’s history of slavery and eugenics, as well as the present reality experienced by folks of color who endure racism every day, are evidence that white supremacy is as oppressive a force in Vermont as it is in every other state.
    2. We demand reparations for all people of color for the crimes of slavery and the  racist Jim Crow regime, as well as for the genocide enacted upon indigenous peoples.
    3. We do not advocate turn the other cheek martyrdom to people of color threatened under racist assault; we are committed to supporting people acting in their own self defense.  We assert that the institutionalized racism in schools, workplaces, and the community, as well as Klan and fascist activity, are not simply a set of bad ideas that can be reformed away. Rather, racism has been specifically created and maintained by the capitalists as a tool to divide workers. We will organize in our neighborhoods and workplaces to wage war on racist activity and to underscore the shared interests of poor white folks and people of color to reject the racial caste system forced on us by the ruling class.

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