Preamble to the WDG Constitution 

We, the Workers Defense Guard, hold that there is a class struggle in society and that this is caused by the economic conditions of capitalism.

We assert that, the economic condition of the worker is that they are exploited of the wealth that they produce, being allowed to retain barely enough for their elementary necessities.

We hold that, this class struggle will continue until the worker is recognized as the sole master of that which is produced by their labor.

We assert that, the primary obstacle to the victory of the worker over capital is that the organized forces of the employers have created and perpetuated: racism, white supremacy, fascism, sexism, patriarchy,  homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia, ableism, and all manner of false divisions in society with the purpose of dividing the working class against itself in order to prevent the class struggle.

We assert that, fascism is the sharpest expression of the rule of the capitalist over the worker.

We hold that, the industrial Union is the primary economic self-defense organization of the working class. The Union must act as the vanguard of the worker’s economic concerns and all efforts should be made to organize the workers into labor unions to carry out this struggle at the point of production. Rank and File control of labor unions must be encouraged and exercised to develop the labor unions into revolutionary organizations which may also provide political direction to the class.

We hold that, the liberation of the working class is not possible under capitalism. The working class, and it alone, can and must achieve its own emancipation through a worker’s revolution. The WDG holds as central, that a specific emphasis must be placed on combatting the special oppression of black and brown peoples, as American capitalism is built on the foundation of racism and white supremacy. The WDG recognizes the right of nations to self determination.

Therefore, we workers, union and community members, join together into the Workers Defense Guard. The purpose of this organization is to fight racism, white supremacy, fascism, sexism, patriarchy, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia, ableism, and the organized forces of the employers including the police and the state, and that armed self-defense and direct action are necessary to defend and advance the interests of the working class.

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