An Open Letter on Snitches

We are anti-fascists and revolutionaries in a climate of state repression especially hostile to concerted organized resistance. We are constantly faced with the danger of state repression. One of the most pernicious forms of state repression is infiltration of resistance movements by way of snitches and informants. GMAFA is writing this letter in the interest of keeping these movements, and the individuals therein, informed of and protected from snitches.

In June 2011, Laurelai Bailey, by her own admission, cooperated with federal agents during a home visit and spoke with them for hours regarding other people’s illegal activities.

Laurelai attended public GMAFA events on January 11, February 12, and February 27 of 2017. Several online accusations about Laurelai came to GMAFA’s attention, and were initially disregarded as personal attacks motivated at least partially by transphobia. However, later Laurelai openly admitted to having spoken with and cooperated with federal agents regarding the illegal activities of her associates.

Upon receiving that information, GMAFA made the decision to cut ties with Laurelai to maintain the security of our group.

GMAFA is also aware of three other snitches in Vermont: Lauren “Ren” Weiner and Zachary Jenson  both cooperated with the state, resulting in Eric McDavid serving over eight years in prison. Naomi Ullian cooperated with the state in a case that resulted in several comrades – known as the “Asheville 11” –  having charges levied against them.

GMAFA has a position of zero contact and zero tolerance for snitches. These are people who have helped put comrades in jail, and they pose an ongoing security risk to those involved in resistance movements and so their participation in those movements should not be allowed.

We know the real material consequences of cooperating with the state are that comrades are physically isolated from their communities through imprisonment and other legal confines. Our only recourse in these instances is to impose consequences of the same severity on these people. If we don’t treat these instances seriously and severely, we risk potential snitches feeling comfortable cooperating with the state and we put our political activity at risk of being compromised by the infiltration of snitches.

Any information about snitches should be shared with our movement comrades to protect our movements from state repression.

Solidarity with all political prisoners. Freedom for freedom fighters. None are free until all are free.


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